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  • Recycled wood furniture

    This type of reclaimed furniture is made mostly with salvaged materials, such as wooden planks from old boats, old wooden beams, and used railroad ties. These materials have gone through a rigorous functionality and quality process, making sure that they have gained their own character and personality over the years. After that, they are used to give life to new designs of original furniture with a rich history.

  • Rustic furniture of roots...

    Sideboards, tables and every kind of furniture made with wooden logs and teak or suar roots: furniture that perfectly matches any design style and decoration, from the most essential rustic design to a modern and trendy one. These unique pieces of furniture made with solid and wild wood tend to be the center of attention in any space.

  • Ethnic and tribal furniture

    The Ethnic and tribal furniture design will always be remarkable, from magnificent Balinese hand-carved teak bench seats, to Chinese wedding cabinets with bronze face plates and door pulls. Furniture pieces that will bring style and color to your spaces.

  • Outdoor furniture

    Due to its good weather, the vernacular architecture, and the Balinese traditions, life in Bali takes place mostly outside. This had a visible effect on the local furniture, resulting in an array of garden amenities made of resistant materials that are able to perfectly withstand outdoors conditions, such as teak and natural or synthetic rattan. A wide variety for lovers of comfort and outdoor decorations.

  • Mobiliario moderno

    Noble and quality woods combined with unique pieces made by smiths and glass makers that create contemporary designs fit for any elegant and refined space.

  • Vintage and classic furniture

    The vintage and classic furniture design has been polished by Indonesian manufacturers ever since the first European colonies appeared in the country. Today, this kind of artisanal furniture made only with the highest quality woods, like teak and mahogany, have become one of the most exported commodities of the country. A refined design full of hand-carved details that many furniture enthusiasts will love.

Mesa con patas cruzadas hechas con ramas naturales

Mesa de suar cuadrada con patas metálicas tubulares

Taburete de madera de teca y resina epoxy transparente

Taburete de madera de teca y resina epoxy negra

Consola de raíz de teca con acabado blanqueado

Stand de raíz de teca con acabado barniz

Espejo de diseño con marco de madera de teca lacado en blanco

Pequeño aparador estilo oriental con dos puertas y una balda

Mesa opium tradicional de Indonesia realizada en madera de teca y acabado barniz

Mueble de TV oriental realizado en madera de teca

Armario chino con cuatro puertas pintado en rojo

Mesita de centro con dos cajones realizada en teca

Cama baja de madera de teca

Armario despensero de teca y estilo reciclado

Banco de estilo antiguo con dos puertas en su parte superior que lo convierten en baúl

Aparador de teca de estilo reciclado con 12 cajones

Mesilla de teca con cajón tallado

Consola de teca maciza y acabado rústico

Tumbona de teca rústica con colchonetas de algodón

Mesa de trembesi rectangular con patas metálicas tubulares

Mesa baja de suar tallada en una sola pieza

Taburete de madera de teca y resina epoxy azul con cristales en su interior

Taburete de madera de teca y resina epoxy blanca

Consola de madera de suar de estilo salvaje

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