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Privacy: Alter Asia will never share your personal information with third parties.


Satisfaction guaranteed: Alter Asia has as a priority to satisfy 100% customer and we will work to achieve this goal. Read some of our comments from satisfied customers.


Articles: Most of the articles displayed on our website are handmade crafts and therefore are unique. For this reason, small variations are acceptable over the photographs shown.


Development of customer's own designs: There are several companies that decide to manufacture abroad and they entrust us and entrust exclusive and own designs. We understand the great effort that is behind a design, that's why we sign confidentiality contracts to not reveal the designs more than to the manufacturers, who also sign that same contract. Giving as much secrecy and discretion as possible.


Customs: Customs of any country of the world are authorized to inspect any shipment at random. It is impossible to foresee what Customs will determine and the delays it may cause. All the goods that are shipped have the certificate of origin in Indonesia. Likewise, proof of payment of fees for the products that demand it, packaging, fumigation and all the necessary information and documentation will be provided. No merchandise that is prohibited in the countries of destination is sent. Alter Asia is not responsible for any delays that may occur due to the shipping companies or customs laws of the countries of destination. Regarding the costs generated in the customs clearance, for the shipments of orders in our own containers, the amount will already be included previously in the agreed price. For orders or containers that the client wishes to directly manage, we can elaborate an estimate of approximate expenses based on the items purchased, as well as an explanation of the legislation.


Contract execution: If the client agrees with the budget issued, the estimated delivery, costs, conditions and terms of the order, will proceed to the signing of a legal contract stipulating all clauses, services for wholesalers and responsibilities.


Purchasing agent: The role and responsibility of Alter Asia is limited to being a purchasing agent. Being the voice, the hand and the eyes of the client in the suppliers of Bali, in charge of contracting with the Indonesian suppliers the order that the client demands based on the desired quality / price scales.


Changes in orders: Once the budget has been closed and the initial 50% has been paid for the manufacture of an order, we will not assume costs or responsibilities in case of changes of designs or quantities by the client, as well as in the possible delay of time of delivery that generates in the total order. In case you want to interrupt the order, the deposit will not be refunded, and if you want to make changes and both parties agree, they will be quoted and included in an annex to the contract.


Prices: The prices offered are provided by the manufacturers and suppliers themselves. We only add a commission for intermediation and shipping management. Any of the prices visible on this website may be subject to sudden changes. In any case, the customer will always be notified, offering the different options or possibilities. 

Discounts: These will be applied depending on the volume of the order. In any case they will be revisable depending on the particularities of each order. They can be improved or made compatible with other promotions or discount coupons.


Quality control: Alter Asia monitors the production, delivery within the agreed times and performs a quality control of the final product. The client will be kept informed in all phases of production and shipment. The quality control is not responsible for the possible incidents of the goods in the transport, for this it is always recommended to hire an insurance (already included when hiring our transport services).


Merchandise insurances: When contracting the transport in our own containers or with our transport agencies, the insurance will already be included in the prices provided at a rate of 110% of the declared amount unless expressly indicated by the client. In case the client wants to manage the transport on his own, it will be his obligation to contract insurance in his country for the shipment of the merchandise. In the unlikely event of breakage, deterioration and defects caused by the goods, they are likely to be produced inside the container or in the unloading of the merchandise. Therefore, we ask the client to take out an insurance that covers the damages caused during the shipment and the discharge. Normally this is contracted through the international forwarder.


Guarantee: The guarantee of the manufacturers of any of the products is 2 years provided that it is due to manufacturing defects. We work with suppliers that guarantee us and are responsible for both the origin of the raw material and the manufacture of the item. In case of return, to proceed with its collection, it must be packed in the same conditions in which it was delivered. We will make a new piece or an equivalent discount for your next shipment. Likewise, for the production of furniture, we remember that we do wood drying in industrial furnaces, and always work with mahogany or teak for its hardness and acclimatization, but in some cases the adaptation process can be up to 2 years even with wood from the importing country itself. In that time there is the small possibility of the appearance of small fissures in the woods. The appearance of these fissures is due to the phenomenon of adaptation and natural acclimatization of the wood to the new atmospheric agents, humidity or dryness, difference of temperature, heating, environmental conditions and dynamics in the places of destination. So they do not constitute defect of the article or manufacture and can not be claimed for it.


Responsibilities: In case of incidents, the customer is responsible for claiming if any, usually through our mediation, but to the operator that is responsible: Factory, insurance, international freight, carrier at destination, which is the responsibility in each case. Alter Asia is a purchasing agent. As such adviser and intermediary, but is not responsible for incidents of the goods, in the shipment, customs inspection, damage, or damage caused by the improper use or handling of the goods themselves. Our work is limited to advice, search of factories, negotiation of prices, quality controls, search of transport companies, management that the client needs to do in Indonesia and everything necessary to carry out the production and reception demanded by the client... 

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