Stages and procedures

       Once we have the interests of the client clear, the conditions in a legal and personalized contract will be reflected. In it, all points will be considered, such as articles, deadlines, shipping methods, responsibilities and established forms of payment.

         After the approval and signing of the contract by both parties, the deposit will be paid for manufacturing or acquisition. (Time when the contract will automatically start to rule, making the bank proof of acceptance of the contract) From here and throughout the process, we will be in continuous contact via mail, skype or phone, providing photos and all required documentation. The acquisition and / or manufacturing process can take between 2 and 40 days, this will depend on the units demanded and the workload of manufacturers and suppliers.

        Once the products are finished, in the quality control, the corresponding photos will be sent for the confirmation of the work carried out as agreed, and after the approval of the client, the collection, packaging and packaging work will begin in our warehouses. All cargo will be labeled according to customer's instructions.

     Afterwards, the container will be loaded and all the shipping documents will be provided to the client (permits, legal certificates, identifiers, tracking number, data of transport companies...)

         Shipping by container from Bali is usually around 45 days, from the day of departure, but may vary depending on the port of delivery or the country of destination.

        In the case of shipping a full container and contracting our delivery services on-site for the European community, Alter Asia will be responsible for the full mediation of the customs clearance and all the negotiations with the shipping company. After the dispatch of the merchandise, the customer will be contacted to let him know the exact day of the delivery.

     In case of being an order inferior to a container (LCL) within our own shared containers and destined to a country of the European Community. It will inform and proceed to transport to the facilities indicated by the customer once the merchandise has been previously downloaded in our distribution warehouses in Spain.

        After delivery of the cargo, we hope you are happy and satisfied with the services provided and that we can continue with more business relationships in the future.

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