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  • Stone sinks

    Stone sinks using river stone, authentic marble or petrified wood. These sinks are characterized by their elegant presence and durability. Unique furniture pieces that make a difference. Supply to independent sellers and distributors. Can be custom made on request.

  • Bathtubs and shower trays

    Hand and custom made bathtubs using river stone, authentic marble or terrazzo. These bathtubs are characterized by their elegant presence and durability, perfect to install in gardens and outdoors. Unique furniture pieces that make a difference.

  • Outdoor lighting

    Garden lamps and lanterns with an Asian and rustic style made of river stone, lava stone, sandstone or cement. All pieces are made to withstand outdoors conditions. Embellish your garden using the best accessories by giving it a Japanese Zen touch.

  • Stone statues

    Stone statues and sculptures of Buddha, Ganesha and other Hindu deities. Buddhist motifs to bring a relaxing and mystical touch to your garden. All pieces are hand-carved in different types of stone.

  • Fountains

    Fountains with Asian and Buddhist motifs, ideal for gardens and all kinds of exterior. Made of fiber, water-repellent cement and faux stone of the highest quality, ensuring a long durability for outdoors. Give your garden a Zen touch with these eastern style fountains.

  • Panels and stands

    Panels hand-carved in stone with floral, Hindu or Buddhist motifs. Our artisans can craft any type of mural from a photo and some given dimensions. Contact us for your custom made panels.

  • Planters

    Planters, window boxes and pots made of stone or cement, hand-carved by Balinese artisans. The ideal accessory to give your garden an Asian or rustic touch.

  • Tiles, pre-assembled stone...

    Pre-assemble stone and tiles for walls, fronts, floors or pools. Highlighting the use of materials such as marble or the Sukabumi stone, which will give your pool that original style you’ve been searching for.

  • Fossil wood

    Items made of petrified wood from old Indonesian forest logs. This fossilized wood is considered to be semi-precious since every piece is unique and, without a doubt, it brings elegance and finesse wherever it’s placed.

  • Furniture and accessories

    Besides the products visible in the previous categories, here you’ll find a selection of items such as tables, lamps and decorative accessories made of marble or stone.

Panel con motivos de elefantes tallado artesanalmente en piedra sandstone.

Gran panel de Buda tallado a mano en dos bloques de sandstone

Panel de gran tamaño tallado artesanalmente en piedra sandstone representando la vida agraria balinesa.

Panel de la cara de Buda realizada en fibra y cemento.

Panel de piedra sandstone con tallas de motivos florales realizadas artesanalmente.

Panel de piedra sandstone tallado con artesanalmente con hojas de platanero.

Panel de piedra balinés tallado artesanalmente en sandstone con motivos festivos de celebración.

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