Purchasing Agents

        In our "Purchase Agents" service we offer complete intermediation between the different factories and suppliers of Bali Indonesia and your company, in order to improve your production prices, control the quality of the products and make business more fluid and easy.

       Working on demand or order and under a legal contract. There is no minimum order, being able to purchase single units.

In the Purchase Agents service, we help you with the following tasks:

- Search of producers and suppliers.

- We negotiate your products with your suppliers or with the new ones that they offer, according to your technical and quality specifications, giving you the best option of product versus profitability.

- Preparation and shipment of samples.

- Management of purchase orders or manufacturing.

- Advice on new related products.

- Management of payments to producers and suppliers.

- Quality control in all phases of production.

- Control of packaging and labeling.

- Preparation and management of all required documentation in the importing country.

- Organization of logistics and transportation to the destination chosen by the client.

- Time control, ensuring that production starts and ends on time.

- Constant communication with products and clients and documentation through photos.

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