Can you make any design?

We love challenges and we have associated professionals in different specialties, such as stone, metal, wood, glass... Do not hesitate to tell us your ideas and together we will carry them out.

How can I order custom made articles?

If you are interested in making any custom article, do not hesitate to send us by mail a photo or a design, with materials, measurements and the units in which you would be interested. We will budget your personalized items.

Is there a minimal request?

There is no order or minimum volume, although the best prices and discounts will always improve in proportion to the size of the order.

Can you manage the complete decoration of a house, business or hotel?

Of course, yes, it is what we like to do the most, do not hesitate to present us your project.

Can you give me advice?

Of course, from the type of items you need to the shipping forms, we will be your private consultant.

What guarantees and security do I have to receive the order?

We have a long experience and hundreds of satisfied customers who share with us, we work under legal purchase contracts for all our orders. In them we reflect the demanded articles, prices, forms of payment, deadlines, responsibilities, identities and everything derived from the operation to be performed. We are not manufacturers, our work is precisely that you have controlled all the load from suppliers to the door of your home or business.


How can I know the amount of the shipment?

Once we know the articles in which you are interested and the shipping method that you choose, we will make a personalized quote that we will send you by mail.

Why the price of the shipment is not a closed price?

Apart from the different forms of shipping and different possible destinations, ocean freight rates change constantly within a single month, making it impossible to give a pre-adjusted price.

How long can my order take to arrive?

Between manufacturing and shipping, the process can vary between 6 and 12 weeks. Although it is always recommended to give a margin of error for possible contingencies arising with manufacturers, shipping companies or customs. For small volumes we also offer airmail, expensive transportation but the delivery time can be reduced to 1 or 2 weeks.

Do shipments include taxes and customs clearance?

For shipments within our own shared containers, the price will always include all expenses. For individual shipments of groupage (LCL) or full containers, taxes and customs clearance will be paid directly by the client when the order arrives at the port of destination.

Can you organize the shipment to my country?

Yes, we can practically send shipments to any country in the world. The most complete service so you do not have to worry about anything.

I have already made my purchases in Bali Can you only manage the shipment?

Correct, whether personal property, movings or purchases that you have made in your vacations or purchases made previously to knowing about us, we can manage the shipment to any part of the world.

Do you manage all the necessary certificates for export - import?

Yes, correct. All our shipments have all the necessary documentation, certificates of legal origin of the wood or stone, phytosanitary, fumigations and any other that we are requested to comply with the import laws of the country of destination and avoid problems to the client.


Why are there different price ranges depending on the volume of the order?

Prices are based on the size of the order with the intention of respecting the sales system and not competing against our own customers. In this way we create three ranges, individuals, retailers and wholesalers.

If I have made a wholesale order, will you keep the prices for the next shipment even if it is smaller?

If, once a retail or wholesale order has been placed, we will respect the price range for one year from the first deposit, whatever the size of your next order.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All payments are made by bank transfer; you can find more information in the section "payment methods"

Do you offer any kind of added discount?

Depending on the quantity of items purchased in each supplier, we will study your case individually to always offer you the best prices.

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